The meaning of the tattoo scorpion: an excursion into history

The meaning of tattoo scorpion is described from different sides, but no one knows the real truth. We have made an analysis and approached this question from different sides, so that you yourself can determine its meaning. 

Tatoo scorpion

This insect combines various symbols. However, we must remember that the scorpion is rightly considered one of the most dangerous insects, which is respected and feared by both people and animals. Tattoo scorpion value in African tribes is considered a messenger of death, but pay tribute to him for his resilience. The insect is worshipped by warriors. In other tribes it is believed that the scorpion is the judge who decides - to give death or healing. The latter may not get everyone!  But in North American tribes the insect is considered a kind of embodiment of the goddess mother, giving people punishments for offenses committed, bad thoughts and actions. 

The meaning of the tattoo scorpion

The ancient Egyptians considered a scorpion as a patron of the deceased, the overseer of their souls, which is why drawings with the insect are always found in tombs or near other burials.  The Greeks and Romans recognized scorpions as killers. For example, we can recall the myth that tells how Artemis used an insect to kill Orion.

In the Middle Ages it was customary to symbolize with this insect:

  • anger;
  • hatred;
  • betrayal.

But the Japanese treat the scorpion in a different way. According to the inhabitants of this country, it carries deep wisdom. Any image of an insect and a flower in the house promises a long and happy married life, filled with love and joy.

It all depends on the occupation and preferences, hobbies of the person. So, for warriors, the insect means:

  • courage;
  • a sense of duty;
  • fidelity to the oath;
  • self-sacrifice;
  • nobility, etc.

For people born under this sign of the zodiac, a tattoo with a scorpion can carry additional emotions and feelings associated with self-confidence, persistence and striving to achieve goals.  For prisoners, the insect has a special meaning - people staying in prison stuff it on the body in the case if they want to demonstrate their loneliness. Most often, such a tattoo is preferred by those who stay in solitary confinement.


The meaning of the tattoo scorpion: an excursion into history

Tattoo scorpion came to us from the depths of centuries - it beckons with its mystery, mysticism and special symbolism hidden in a seemingly simple image. That's why, while talking about this tattoo, we have to touch upon its history - it will allow you to understand better what exactly is a tattoo. To begin with, the insect itself has long been treated with respect due, of course, to fear - a small creature is capable of killing even the strongest, sturdiest warrior. But it is also worth remembering that the poison of the insect was used as a medicinal agent. If you touch the ancient legends, they say that the Scorpion was a companion and protector of the goddess Isis - the patroness of motherhood and fertility. But the insects were also the helpers of Selket, the patroness of the dead. That is to say, the small but dangerous creatures were far from so unambiguous.

Note! In many cultures, beliefs, the insect was considered almost sacred. The tattoo of a scorpion was used as a kind of amulet from the dark forces. Also it was put on the blades of swords, daggers, dirks.

Choice of doctors

Many centuries ago, the scorpion was the choice of healers and healers, they used it as their amulet. Medics noticed that the venom of the scorpion - in reasonable quantities - produces a paralytic effect. After its application, limbs were completely numb - so the poison became widely used in ancient surgery.

Chinese medics used the poison as a strong and reliable analgesic, used it in the treatment of decayed wounds. Therefore, tattoo scorpion photos which you can see on our site, often prick their bodies people engaged in treatment. We add the fact that women in childbirth were considered a symbol of maternal sacrifice, and his patron Isis prayed, asking for easy and simple deliveries, begging for the health of your baby.

Tattoo of a scorpion on the arm of a warrior

Although, of course, such tattoos warriors put not only on their hands, but also on other parts of the body. They chose the image of this insect, believing that the drawing would convey to them all the best qualities of the small creature:

  • resilience;
  • dexterity;
  • determination;
  • inconspicuousness.

Blue scorpion tattoo on the forearm

Tattoo Scorpion on the arm - the choice of a really brave, incredibly brave and just courageous individuals.

We had always believed that the scorpion was a messenger of heaven, fair and honest. After all, the insect could kill instantly, and return the vitality of man - if he deserved to live on.

Indian tribes living in North America, created from the scorpion the image of the judge, who determined what punishment the person will suffer after death. Associated with the world of the dead was the scorpion in the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians - in their view, the insect guarded the "sleep" of the dead. Returning to the military theme, it should be noted that today in our latitudes tattoo scorpion on the shoulder or other parts of the arm indicates that the man at one time either fought in the Caucasus countries, or gave duty to the Motherland, serving in the land forces.


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