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      Tattoos can be a statement of a person's personality, belongingness or beliefs. Having a dramatic tattoo on a strategic part of the body will effectively convey your own style and also act as an adornment. However as tattoos are a perpetual indication of who you are, finding the perfectly suitable design should be a priority consideration.

      Chopper-Tattoo is a comprehensive website with a collection of tattoo designs and a remarkable database of about 4000 versatile tattoos. The main objective of this site is to help you select tattoos that speak about your individuality.

      The site enables the downloading and printing options for any amount of tattoos, or you can combine a range of designs to arrive at your own custom tailored tattoo. The broad range of categories included in the Chopper-Tattoo membership area is being updated on a regular basis so that customers are assured of getting the trendiest tattoos of their time.

      The membership options are divided into three main levels which, are the 1 month subscription of $19.95, 2 month subscription of $24.95 and the one- time payment of $34 for a lifetime subscription. The options are comparatively flexible compared with many other tattoo online design sites.

      Chopper-Tattoo guarantees to provide their customers with a fun filled experience in choosing their unique designs and has put together a comprehensive service package to suit the requirements of tattoo enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect design. You can browse and select a design from the comfort of your home.

      The Pros-

       -Beautiful and professional designs
       -Simple and effective layout
       -A directory of the best tattoo artists in the world
       -Cool options such astattoo lettering, games and music downloads
       -Impressive collection of tattoos
       -Cheaper in comparison to custom made designs
       -60 Day refund policy

      The Cons

       -One has to sign up as a member before viewing any of the possible tattoo designs
      - Prices are available only after inserting the name and contact information




      Customer Reviews

      Before tattooing your body with a Chopper-Tattoo design, you will like to read what other users had to say about the product. Here are some snippets.

      Chopper-Tattoo is a combination of exceptional and different tattoos from Egyptian, Celtic, dragon, flower, cartoon, fish, tribal and many more exciting deigns” Says Teave Clark.

      Mark T has expressed that, “It is definitely the right place to sign up and the content is phenomenal, just as the price.”

      “Chopper-Tattoo membership area is easily navigational. I had the first design chosen in 4 days after some serious debating” Kacia Harris

      The review of Dan Williams states that he has never seen the loads of brilliant designs as seen at Chopper-Tattoo in any other one place. He claims that “I’ve never seen so many different varieties which are all designed by professional artists. Definitely a Pro site to consider”


      The final verdict is that Chopper-Tattoo is a wealth of original and quality works with a touch of professionalism. Remember to take the time to browse the entire collection before settling for the perfect design.


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