• Master the guitar with the best apps

      A lot of people want to learn to play the guitar. And they have no idea how easy it is to start now.

      Modern gadgets have given us the opportunity to quickly and practically free to take the first steps in music and the art of the guitar. Just give it a try. And if you want to become a real pro read our article about superstar guitars.

      1: Guitar Pro

      Guitar is a guitar score editor, although it supports all instruments supported by the MIDI format. This is a very useful tool when learning the guitar, because besides listening to the song, we can see the tablature and score, as well as a diagram with the position of the fingers on the neck of the guitar.

      Guitar Pro allows you to manage scores in a very simple and intuitive way, but very professional. It supports, besides 8 guitars, different types of instruments such as pianos, organs, different types of strings, vocals, percussion, synthetic effects and other effects, with a total of 127 possible instruments.

      Guitar Pro has a system that reproduces sounds of real instruments previously recorded, which offers a sound very close to that of a real instrument. Guitar Pro is a multi-track editor. Even if you're a beginner guitarist, you've probably heard of Guitar Pro, the world's most popular guitar tablature editor.

      2: Tux Guitar

      TuxGuitar is a sheet music editor, with a free license and support for many operating systems, including Linux, Windows and Mac OS. The program is mainly focused on guitar, although it supports all instruments supported by the MIDI format. This is a very useful tool to learn music, especially when learning the guitar, because we can not only hear the song, but also see the tablature and the score, in addition to a diagram with the position of the fingers on the sleeve.

      It supports .ptb (powertab), .gp3-.gp4-.gp5 (guitar pro) and .tg (guitar tux) formats. It is able to import MIDI files and export to MIDI, PDF and ASCII. If you want to try a free alternative to Guitar Pro that is fully compatible with the latter, TuxGuitar is what you are looking for.

      3: Audacity

      Audacity is a free cross-platform software application that can be used for recording and editing audio, easy to use, distributed under the GPL license. It is by far the most common audio editor in GNU/Linux systems.

      General features:

      - Recording audio in real time, (you need a microphone,).

      - Editing of audio files type Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU, LOF and WMP,

      - conversion between audio formats of different types,
      - importing of 
      files in MIDI, RAW and MP3 formats,

      - Modify multiple tracks ,

      - Add effects to the sound (echo, reverse, tone, etc.) ,

      - Ability to use plug-ins to increase its functionality.

      guitar apps

      4: Guitarix

      If you're a musician or a budding musician like me, I'm sure you've still lamented the lack of good programs to amplify your electric guitar live, like Guitar Rig. These few available programs are old and practically abandoned.

      Guitarix is a simple guitar amplifier for Jack, with one input and two outputs. Designed to get good thrash, rock, metal, blues guitar sounds.

      There are controls for bass, medium, treble, gain (input/output), compressor, lamp preamp, overdrive, oversampling, anti-alias, distortion, FreeVerb, vibrato, chorus, delay, wah, amp selector, tonestack, echo, etc. logiciels de guitare guitarix

      5: Musecore

      Musecore is a professional software for music writing and completely free:

      - Unlimited

      - Easy to use,

      - Powerful

      - Open source code

      - Input via MIDI keyboards

      - Transfer to/from other programs with MusicXML, MIDI and other formats

      6: Guitar Rig Player

      Free version of Guitar Rig, includes some modules and allows purchase on demand of modules. PC-MAC

      GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER is the free modular effects processor that combines creative effects and routing capabilities with intact audio quality.

      GUITAR RIG 5 PLAYER adapt to guitarists, but also bring premium effects for studio producers and sound designers.

      Guitar lessons

      7: Amplitude Custom Shop

      Free version of Amplitube, includes some modules and allows purchase on demand modules. PC-MAC

      Imagine this... You turn on your computer and buy a Fender Twin for €20 and the Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter pedal for €10. Instantly they are in your signal chain. You record the "missing riff" and send it to the producer. Bim! Out of nowhere, you've added high-end gear to your collection while still in your pajamas.
      Amplitube Custom Shop allows you to do just that - create your collection of virtual equipment one by one according to your needs. It's a revolutionary concept in software inspired by Johnny Cash's "One Piece at a Time" success and real equipment purchases. Now it's available for you and it's free.


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