Your Personality with Tattoo

 Your tattoo always says something about you, the only question is whether you are aware of it. I only put tattoos where I have the feeling that I can give you something that can positively enrich you for the rest of your life. If I feel that a tattoo does not have a positive message in it, I do not put it.

 I go here on different often into each other overlapping meaning tendencies of tattoos.

1. tattoos as fashion jewelry

2. tattoos as a symbol of the previous life path

3. tattoos as a source of strength for new ways of life

4. destructive tattoos (not in this studio)


Tattoos as costume jewelry

Many tattoos reflect zeitgeist or fashion. Often end - without interest around their meaning - symbols, writings and signs as cool Assesuar on the skin. Thus it comes that the carrier the pretty antler, the star, dolphin, the lily, elf, perhaps sometime no longer pleases.  The "kick" is gone... Sometimes the wearer discovers his personal meaning in a widespread writing or motif. However - I recommend that you consider whether the tattoo still pleases you at the age of 80 years. 


Tattoos as a symbol of life so far

 The tattoo was originally reserved for sailors in Europe, who immortalized important stations and symbols of their lives in it. Today it still reminds us of experiences, home and family, adventures, dreams. Also grief, pain suffered and the desire for healing are often the focus of such tattoos.

Special service 

In relation to deceased or people with whom you still have unresolved issues, I like to accompany you after tattooing with an individual ritual process, which supports conflict resolution, forgiveness and letting go and which strengthens positive thoughts and feelings in relation to the topics addressed.

Tattoos as a source of strength for new ways of life

The fact that thoughts determine our emotional world, that we ourselves decide every day anew who we are, is by now known to most people.

There is a very radical way of looking at life:


1. what you do

2. who you are

3. what happens to you...

I had a hard time really accepting the third point. Because I didn't always feel like I was free to choose what happens to me in life. But it does make a difference whether we choose to continue our interpersonal relationships exactly as they are - or patiently practice our ability to resolve conflicts, to communicate lovingly and respectfully in order to steer what will happen in the best possible direction.

It makes a difference if I eat healthy or surround myself with ideas and thoughts that make me more content and happy than not caring lovingly for my body, mind and and spirit.
tattoo hand

It makes a difference if I am willing to empathize, share myself honestly, and offer or accept a helping hand.

 Such a life-affirming path can be religious, spiritual, scientific or simply "only" humanly based. Of course, it does not support every political, economic or interpersonal power structure, and it needs attention and alertness at every moment, perseverance and the courage to get up again if we ever stray from the path. In this regard, a tattoo can be a valuable memory anchor.

Destructive Tattoos

The decision to get a destructive tattoo can have many reasons. Destructive (destroy - destroy) is the opposite of accepting and preserving. Among other things, these tattoos directly or indirectly express lack of self-love, pain, anger hatred, despair, abandonment, contempt or will to destroy.
Sometimes the destructive tattoo is quite honestly to express a real very strong feeling about life. It can also be that the wearer consciously or unconsciously adapts to his social environment with such a tattoo. However, the question is whether you really want to wear these negative impressions on your skin for the rest of your life, because of course it strengthens the negative feelings associated with it. Just like it strengthens negative feelings when you often experience violent thoughts, images, movies, video games, or real life situations.
Every feeling has its justification, there is none that we can reject without giving it more power.  Every thought, every action is a decision. And which feelings we give priority to in the moment of a big or small decision - that we determine again and again...



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